Dubai: Day 4 & 5

Day 4 was for resting. So that’s about all we did.

On day 5, we went to the pool and saw a skink:

Max liked playing on the “rocks” in the baby pool.


But then we moved to the big pool so I could get in the water too!

When we got back, Max had some tummy time and practiced crawling:

  1. Nana says:

    I just love these photos..from the skink to videos of Max swimming (so glad he took swim classes)-to his tummy time. I am amazed at his patience during “tummy time” and crawling…he did move about quite a bit from start to finish. It must be difficult to get all those limbs moving..felt bad when he put his little head down for a time..but I think he was actually looking for all kinds of stuff in the rug, not from now on, anything on the floor, rug, etc…will be fair game, and he will pick up the most minute pieces of whatever is in the rug..and put it into his mouth…I’m proud of him and his must be so hard…

    I loved the photo of you and your adorable boy…the second pic…I miss him, and you and Meredith..but glad you are not here for the disgusting foot of snow we got 2 days ago…hope it will melt before you get home.

    When I fed the fish yesterday (every 3rd day) the snow was all piled up between the garage door and your car..and everywhere else…the fish were happy to see me…and yes, I didn’t forget the little guy in your room.

    I really look forward to reading/seeing what you are doing there…and happy the conference is over..and that Mere can sleep/have some fun and see beautiful Dubai.

  2. Nana says:

    It’s been a couple of days since we got your last post-know you and Max are touring around with Meredith…enjoy your last few days…your family will be happy when you are back! Happy first day of Spring!

  3. Devon says:

    Looks trill! Looking forward to more updates!

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