Dubai: Day 2

Today, Meredith had to go to work early. I woke up at 7. It was a foggy morning, you can see the Burge Khalifa poking up out of the mist:

I thought I’d let Max sleep a little more but I didn’t want him to sleep too long and get off schedule. So I had some fruit:

I woke Max up around 8 to go get breakfast. Since we have access to the Grand Club, we get to eat breakfast at the Market in the atrium as well as continental breakfast in the club. We went to the Market where there are probably 7 different food stations. I had:

  • blueberry muffin
  • apple crumble
  • sauteed mushrooms
  • half-tomato with cheese atop
  • chicken sausage
  • an egg
  • some dough thing atop which I placed a nice coconut chutney
  • banana smoothie
  • “antioxidant” fruit drink
  • coffee
  • maybe something else, I can’t remember.

Max had fresh mango and a bottle:

We also checked out the koi. There are about 15 huge koi – about 2 feet long!

After breakfast, we went back to the room and took a nap:

Then we got geared up and headed out to the Wafi Mall. It was about a 15 minutes walk from the hotel. It was pretty hot out, but not nearly as hot as it could be – 106 is the average temperature in the summer! Max wore his hat along with sunscreen to protect his precious body from the Sun’s harmful rays:

And here’s a better shot of the Grand Hyatt hotel:

This area, where the hotel and the Wafi Mall are located, is called Wafi City. Some of the buildings resemble Egyptian architecture. The mall is a pyramid:

The mall is nice and has some pretty stained glass sky lights:


We wandered around a bit and decided to get a fresh fruit popsicle. I shared with Max:

We walked a little more and found Cactus Cantina where I got a quesadilla to bring back to the room. It got a bit windy so Max put on his shades to keep the sand out of his eyes:

We were greeted in the lobby with an offering of hot Arabic tea. Not exactly the most desirable beverage after a hot walk in a desert, but I tried it anyway. I little bitter for my liking. After lunch, it was time for another nap – this time in his own bed:

  1. Dan & Karen Walker says:

    Hello: Josh , Meredith and Max
    Your blog is wonderful to get. Hard for me to see and hear from you so quickly, despite you being over 7.000 miles away. The world wide web certainly closes the long distance between us. How long are the work days for Meredith and how is the conference progressing? Hang in there Meredith, bet you can’t wait for your free days to see Dubai.
    The shot of the Burge Khalifa looks spectacular in the mist. Josh this being such a wealthy land extravagance must be the norm; if you see any Exotic Super Cars…Bugatti, Bently Lamborgini post some shots.
    Pepe & Grama

    • josh says:

      Yes, although the connection in the hotel room is a bit slow for my liking, it’s great to have! Meredith has been working a lot, but she is at least getting breaks to eat. Check-in for the conference just opened this morning. I hope it will wind down a bit and she can get a on an actual work schedule – but I honestly don’t expect that to happen. My job is to figure out the best way to make the most of our time after the conference – find the sites that are worth seeing, etc.

      I have seen a lot of nice cars – Ferraris, Bentleys, etc. I’ll try to get some pictures. :)

  2. Nana says:

    All of it is just gorgeous.. ..just love the pictures you sent; and Max looks like he’s happy, as usual, sightseeing…loved the one of him eating the popsickle~ and his new hats. I miss him..and the architecture is incredible. So happy you guys get to visit such places~

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