My Chat with Gary Johnson

Obviously I’m a big Gary Johnson supporter. If you don’t believe me, you can read evidence supporting this case. I’ve attended two of the Online Town Halls that Gary1 has hosted. In case you missed any, you can view them all on Vokle. The most recent one, held on September 19th, was great; Gary got fired up at least a few¬†times. You can see his passion and excitement, and it feels real – not as if he’s acting.

Anyway, I submitted a question and was picked to participate via video, here’s that clip:

1 Yes, I can call him “Gary” because he’s a regular guy; a real guy’s guy.

  1. Ellen McCullough says:

    Again, I am so very proud of you for your interest and determination on Johnson’s behalf…and for voicing your opinions. You have much of your grandfather’s determination and intelligence-my Father who stood up for what he believed as an author and reporter.

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